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25 Things I ♥ About me!

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Jon & Kate plus 8!

2. I skipped work to wake up at 7am to watch Britney Spears' comeback performance on GMA

3. I love watching sappy movies, even though they make me cry

4. I have had the same best friend for 17 years

5. I read my Bible.. a lot.

6.I am so excited to start what I hope turns out to be a career with World Vision

7. I am very shy

8. Pink and Green are, and will always be my favorite colors- even when I'm 90!!!

9. I love babysitting Anya and Kyra- they are so fun!!

10.I love road trips

11. I still listen to New Kids on The Block and probably always will

12. I once went on a trip to Oklahoma with my mom and brother LoL

13.I can't wait to be a mom

14. I voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden

15. I love going to get my nails done and being girly, but then they get in the way and I end up cutting them off.

16.I am proud to be a Virgin.

17. I love and am proud to be an Army brat!

18.I spend ridiculous amounts of money, but I also save a lot and pay my bills!

19. I save babies for a living

20. I have finally learned to let go and let God!

21. I am 150% UNASHAMED of the Gospel

22. I have the GREATEST true friends in the world!

23. I love my lancer and I can't wait to hook him up

24.I have a Bichon/Poodle mix named Sammy and a Calico named Trixie.

25. I fully plan on changing the world some day!



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