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Waiting Part 2

There are a lot of good things that come from abstaining from sex, I mean, besides the obvious. We all went to school with that girl or that group of girls that were rumored to be easy or the school sluts. Unfortunately for them, a lot of these rumors were true. There were those girls that bragged about how many partners they had, and the girls that got bragged about. You would think that most people would try to refrain from having their names out there like that. Surprisingly enough, I think that these girls actually liked it. What really sucked is that I happened to be friends with a lot of them, and knew that the rumors were true. It was shocking to see the girls I have known for years were turning out to be so loose. 

Now, besides the whole pregnancy thing, STD’s are becoming way too common. It used to be something that people were ashamed of and wouldn’t talk to other people about. It has since turned into a common conversation starter. I know quite a few people that have or have had STD’s and think it’s hilarious. I, however, do not find miscellaneous bumps, rashes, odors and discharge to be funny. Most young people have it easy and only get things like herpes and the clap, but everyone can’t be so lucky. AIDS is no joke, and is now more common than ever in women in America. It’s a serious thing and the risk shouldn’t be taken lightly. I don’t want to bore you with serious stuff; I just wanted to get a point across.


So, we have talked about the great reasons to wait, now let’s talk about the repercussions. I honestly do not care how people perceive me based on my sexual activities, or lack there of, however, people are going to talk. People seem to think that just because I choose not to have sexual intercourse I am a prude or an “ice princess”. If you have ever hung out with me you would know that is completely false. People will be talking about sex around me and in an effort not to offend me; they will deter their conversations in another direction. I’m not twelve. I am old enough and mature enough to talk about sex. I have had plenty of conversations about sex and don’t think that my lack of experience should exclude me from them.

That's it for tonight, hopefully this series will inspire young girls and guys to wait.

Many blessings xoxo



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